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Based on the construction of collaborative innovation centers,the "2011 Plan" has formed the pattern of the nationalprovincialuniversity hierarchical enforcement mechanism and powerful interactive. This paper makes some descriptive statistics on the samples of collaborative innovation centers recognized by Moe and provincial collaborative innovation centers. Firstly, it analyzes the structure distribution of initiator and coordination unit and the platform features during the 38 Moe collaborative innovation centers' formation process. Secondly, it analyzes the features of type and initiator properties of provincial collaborative innovation centers. According to this study, the center shows the increasing trend of formation; the eastern/central/western structure difference is clear. In addition, this paper also discusses the bottlenecks of the collaborative innovation centers' formation process and proposes some corresponding policy recommendations.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 1-8 [Abstract]( 43HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1429 KB)  ( 7 )

In order to promote the quality and quantity of their science and technology services,university Science Parks are exploring new models.Based on the grounded theory,this paper takes Chongqing Beibei University Science Park as research object,dissects "university based,governmentsupport,corporationoperation" ,a new coinvestment and cogovernance model.In addition,the paper analyzes its development path,unique advantage and developing trend.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 9-14 [Abstract]( 15HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1377 KB)  ( 5 )

Based on case study,the CMI's networking of Ames National Laboratory,it is found that: pulling (national strategic demand,the comprehensive and complex problems) and thrust (selfdevelopment pursuit and the limitation of their own ability) drive the national laboratory's networking jointly; the "powerful strength","profound specialty" network nodes,"similaritydifferencesscatteredserving" four attributes superimposed network relationship,the star network structure,that formed a national laboratory basic network phase from a threedimensional perspective on the node,line and surface; the basic rules of the network system in national labs are spontaneously formed on the needs of national labs and their practice,meanwhile have reactions in practice,besides provide necessary conditions for the formation of networking culture,and then become a cultural foundation for continuous evolution of the labs' networking.At last,the paper summarizes main inspirations of the research conclusion from the network's way,strength,phase,rule,embedded situation and selfdevelopment,for our country's national labs' networking.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 15-20 [Abstract]( 9HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1399 KB)  ( 1 )

The rise of sharing economic phenomenon as a global economic development hot spot has sparked widespread concern and discussion.Sharing economy takes mobile Internet as the main platform,based on the collaborative shared values,it can encourage people to form a moderate、rational and personalized consumption values.Obviously,sharing economy has become a important trend in today's innovation economy.Sharing economic phenomenon is full of ethical meaning,there are mainly four ethical dimensions: consumption ethics,trust ethics,privacy ethics and social ethics.From the perspective of ethical dimension to reflect and review the sharing economic phenomenon,we can not only grasp its essence,also can help our country and society take effective and active measures to promote sharing economy,and keep it sustainable、healthy,these measures embrace many dimensions,such as community legislation 、technical input、capital investment,as well as the change of people's thoughts.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 21-27 [Abstract]( 22HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1115 KB)  ( 14 )

By the high technology enterprises as the research object, using the method of empirical research, this paper examines the event impact force impacts on corporate R&D performance mechanism from the perspective of the event system, and explore the influence of dynamic ability on this process. The study found that: the three dimensions' feature of the market event impact force, the institutional event impact force and the technical event impact force is "the importance and novelty and interrupt sex", they are on the performance has a positive role in promoting the R&D performance of hightech enterprises. Dynamic capability regulates some aspects of the abovementioned impact mechanism, in some cases, the impact of event impact force on R&D performance of hightech firms will be affected by the level of firm's dynamic capability.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 28-34 [Abstract]( 18HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1110 KB)  ( 3 )

From the perspective of industrial knowledge bases, this paper studies on the development of Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation center. Industrial knowledge bases fall into two primary categories: analytical knowledge bases and synthetic knowledge bases. The paper proposes a mechanism of how industrial knowledge bases influences the development of scientific and technological innovation center. After building a model of linear programming, using entropy method, searching the values of basic indicators in 2015, the paper firstly makes a horizontal comparison between the storage value of Shanghai's analytical knowledge bases and synthetic knowledge bases and those of other 23 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions),then ,it analyses the longitudinal trend of Shanghai's industrial knowledge bases from 2003-2015. The results show that the advantage of storage value of Shanghai's synthetic knowledge bases in our whole country is not conspicuous, most of the motivation of development of Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation center comes from its analytical knowledge bases. Finally, this paper gives some suggestions to the development of Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation center.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 35-40 [Abstract]( 23HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1257 KB)  ( 3 )

Science and technology and finance are important engine of economic development. The paper defines the connotation about finance of science and technology and reveals the interaction mechanism of finance of science and technology and technical innovation. The paper uses the statistical data to conduct the unit root test, co-integration test and granger causality test in our country and Jiangsu province. The results show that technical innovation promote the development of finance of science and technology, but financial role in promoting development of technical innovation is not significant enough, the combination of science and technology and financial has a large room to improve in our country. In Jiangsu, finance of science and technology promote technical innovation input, technical innovation output makes positive feedback on the development of finance of science and technology, the public finance of science and technology play a leading role for technical innovation development, but market finance of science and technology' driving force to the technical innovation output is not strong. Finally, according to the result of evaluation, some policy suggestions are put forward.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 41-49 [Abstract]( 15HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1266 KB)  ( 2 )

Pilotscale experiment in technology transfer is regarded as the important stage, also the bottleneck, which includes many participants, such as governments, scientific research institutes, enterprises, agencies and so on. Therefore, this paper regards the network governance as the breakthrough point, considering the effects of multiagent collaborative on pilotscale experiment' effectiveness and building a factor frame of the effectiveness of pilotscale experiment in the technology transfer by grounded theory, which includes three dimensions: the internal elements, the external stimulation and the subject factors. In addition, SEM is used to test. The results find that except for cooperation ability, the factors in three dimensions are verified. This shows that the internal elements and the external stimulation are do the basis to ensure the effectiveness of pilotscale experiment in the technology transfer, the subject factors can integrate the two factors, having more significantly effect on transfer effectiveness, however, in that the effect of the cooperation ability on pilotscale experiment in the technology transfer has not been verified because it is insufficient naturally and a prerequisite factor. So suggestions should be put forward from the aspect of multiagent coordination.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 50-58 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1481 KB)  ( 10 )

Regional innovation system has been changed from innovation ecosystem to innovation entrepreneurial ecosystem to comprehensive innovation ecosystem. How to construct regional comprehensive innovation ecosystem becomes focus point of implementing innovationdriven strategy in cities and districts. The interaction of "Innovation, Entrepreneur, Venture Capital and Maker (IEVM)" is the key factor of comprehensive innovation ecosystem. First, the internal mechanism of interaction of IEVM was analyzed. Second, how to promote interaction of IEVM in Longgang was described. At last, experience of Longgang was summarized: aggregating advanced innovation resources, focusing on makersandentrepreneurs, market leading and interactive development of innovation chain and industry chain. These experience are valuable for those regions who don't have universities or institutions.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 59-65 [Abstract]( 7HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1287 KB)  ( 7 )

The development of intelligent manufacturing is the development of the world's developed countries or regions, the inherent requirements of manufacturing, but also the main direction of China's manufacturing transformation. By analyzing the characteristics of intelligent manufacturing and the traditional manufacturing to the intelligent manufacturing and upgrading process, the theoretical model of influencing factors of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is put forward, and the theoretical model and related hypothesis are verified by the empirical data of China's new energy equipment manufacturing enterprises. The results show that technological innovation, national policy, a new generation of information technology, talent construction, integrated internet, digital transformation and other factors will positively affect the development of intelligent manufacturing. From the technical innovation, policy making, information technology and other aspects of the proposed intelligent manufacturing capacity of the proposed recommendations to promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry to provide a theoretical reference.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 66-72 [Abstract]( 15HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1589 KB)  ( 3 )

In the research of R&D partners, how to identify the R&D partners based on the technical advantages of different links in the industrial technology chain is a new problem. To this end, this paper presents the research framework of R&D partner identification from the perspective of industrial technology chain. First, dividing the industrial technology chain, to describe the industrial technology chain layout. Then, putting forward the identification of potential partners in industrial chain under the principle of complementarity, and the identification of potential partners in technology chain under the principle of similarity. Finally, taking Toyota Corporation in power battery industry as an example, to verify the effectiveness of the research. This research provides an effective way for the enterprise to consider the present problem and long-term development.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 73-79 [Abstract]( 3HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1469 KB)  ( 2 )

It has attracted much attention of scholars for the status and leadership of the dominant enterprise in the modular innovation network. Based on the literature review and theoretical analysis, the dominant enterprise's technology leadership in the modular innovation network is defined, and its structure is analyzed from the level of enterprise, platform and industry. It builds the triple helix model of R&D ability, technology and product architecture ability and technical standards formulated ability, and reveals the evolution mechanism and regularity of the triple helix pattern of technology leadership structure, then tests the theory analysis based on the sample case of the mobile phone modularization innovation network in Huawei. The study shows that the dominant enterprise's technology leadership is increasing as the modular innovation network evolves, and at the different stage of the modular innovation network evolution, the dominant ability of the technology leadership structure is different. The research has important enlightenment for the dominant enterprise to promote coordinated development of the three abilities and improve technology leadership in the modular innovation network.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 80-87 [Abstract]( 10HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1278 KB)  ( 6 )

In the course of market competition, many enterprises fall and only a handful of enterprises stand up. this phenomenon makes us realize that maintaining the innovation advantages to occupy the mainstream market and creating new advantages to win the future mainstream market will promote the enterprise sustainable development. Focus on the key task, realizing the evolution of mainstream and new stream innovation become the crux of enterprise sustainable development. Therefore, based on biological evolution theory, enterprise evolutionary theory and enterprise DNA theory, the article put forward the evolution process of mainstream and new stream innovation, including the origin of technology, technology variation, technology selection and technical cooperation. Delving into the evolution mechanism of mainstream and new stream innovation and using the case study of two enterprises provide enterprises sustainable innovation a specific route guidance.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 88-95 [Abstract]( 5HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1946 KB)  ( 2 )

Based on the analysis of strategy transferring components,manufacturing enterprise servitization strategy transferring components system is constructed and servitization early stage transferring model framework is offered.From the aspects of value proposition,the flowing and methods are offered for servitization projects matrix (projects collection with clarified value source,business mode and competitiveness upgrading styles,etc) and possible matrix construction and project orders confirmation and dynamic upgrading; from the aspects of human resource,knowledge,information and organizing resources,trans-department cooperation,knowledge searching and utilizing,information soft and hard level improving as well as comprehensive servicing capability optimizing methods for transferring are brought forward,and the strategy transferring model in servitization early stage for manufacturing enterprise is designed,whose components can inter accelerate each other.The research can offer effective method support and decision references for manufacturing enterprise in early servitization stage.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 96-101 [Abstract]( 3HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1656 KB)  ( 10 )

Innovation activities of new ventures are very important, while prior researches has ignored the influence of between social network that embedded in and innovation activities. Based on this gap, this article differentiates the impacts from structural embeddedness, relational embeddedness and cognitive embeddedness on innovation activities in new venture, meanwhile it studies the moderation of environmental uncertainty on the above relationships. Using 246 sample of new ventures in China, the empirical results show that structural embeddedness has positive influence on innovative behavior, and the interaction between environmental uncertainty and relational embeddedness has positive impact on innovative behavior, while the interaction between environmental uncertainty and cognitive embeddedness has negative impact on innovative behavior.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 102-108 [Abstract]( 9HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1215 KB)  ( 9 )

The time delay in the transmission process of innovation science and technology policy is an important problem. Through the clear up data, using impulse response function and variance analysis to analyze the external delay of innovation science and technology policy (talent incentive, R&D subsidy, tax preference, government procurement, service outsourcing),the results show that: policy effectiveness cannot be fully and timely play. Different innovation science and technology policy tools will produce different policy effects. The policy time delay occurs in the process of judgment policyvalidation policyabsorption policyimplementation policyinnovation output.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 109-115 [Abstract]( 8HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1409 KB)  ( 11 )

Innovation market is the market of firms in the R&D competition. Due to the uncertainty of R&D activities, it is difficult for antitrust enforcement agencies to accurately clarify the market boundaries in defining the innovation market. And a deeper reason is that the relationship between maintaining competition and stimulating R&D is indistinct. Monopoly in R&D competition is difficult to determine its illegality in the way of defining the innovation market. This should be combined with specific circumstances and market conditions directly determine whether the behavior damage the R&D competition.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 116-121 [Abstract]( 3HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1107 KB)  ( 2 )

Based on the analysis of the historical evolution and characteristics of science and technology policy research institutions on the selected 37 domestic and foreign authoritative and representative of the science and technology policy research institutions, the thesis give a general description, such as the institutional independence, strategic orientation, organization function, research situation, publications, organizational structure, personnel structure, the eight dimensions of the sources of funding etc., and summarizes its basic characteristics, such as the relationship of department in charge, research characteristics and Institutional influence.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 122-130 [Abstract]( 4HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1404 KB)  ( 4 )

The scitech intermediary service for civilmilitary integration is not only the key driving force for promotion of turning the civilmilitary dualpurpose scientific and technological achievements into productivity and combat capability, but also an important basis for promoting the national civil and military integrative development, that is, the transition from preliminary integration to deep integration and for construction of civilmilitary integration innovation system. Presently, the development of scientific and technological service institutions for civilmilitary integration is faced with both rare opportunities and severe challenges resulting from inadequate theory and ability. To support scientific and technological services institutions to carry out comprehensive serve oriented to civilmilitary scitech integration, it is necessary to systematically review the development of civilmilitary integration scitech service system from such three aspects as supply and demand factor, platform factor and subject factor. Besides, we need to summarize the basic model and practical experience replying on platform difference, difference of service chain and the change of operating mechanism, reinforce the role of orientation of government guidance and market mechanism, deepen the basic role of innovation chain and service chain in terms of synergetic layout, explore and exert the role of multiplication of "internet + civilmilitary scitech achievements transformation" and cultivate the key role of professional operation and service ability.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 131-135 [Abstract]( 2HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1278 KB)  ( 1 )

The innovation development of greater civilmilitary Integration is an important point to realize of the deep integration between the army and the people, and it is also an important component of the national innovation system. the development of greater civilmilitary integration is facing with many problems such as the macro environmental constraints, the lack of social capital and technology innovation lag .While the existing research which focus on the breakthrough path of greater civilmilitary Integration innovation development is mainly from a leading role of government and a perspective of governance structure, but less emphasis on the dynamic mechanism and the action mechanism of civilmilitary Integration. The mode of combining military efforts with civilian support in the history of ancient Chinese society realize the coordination of military and economic demand, and has an important significance for the greater civilmilitary integration in present stage of our country. The mode could play a deep integration role through leading mechanisms, regulatory mechanisms, coordination mechanisms, mutual benefit mechanisms and security mechanisms. How realize the coordination of military and economic demand, playing the initiative in all participants of the civil military integration is an important way and the development direction to realize the China's greater civilmilitary fusion.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 136-141 [Abstract]( 3HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1132 KB)  ( 2 )

Capability flexibility and knowledge management strategy influence each other and form the matching,the effects of matching pattern on competitive advantage is important to choose right strategy.Based on the matching and the strategic management theory,the paper constructs matching pattern of the knowledge management strategy and the capability flexibility,uses the method of independent sample ttest,explore the effect of matching on competitive advantage.The research finds that there are two kinds of consistent matching patterns between capability flexibility and knowledge management strategy.High capability flexibility and active knowledge management strategy match,low capability flexibility matches with conservative knowledge management strategy.Matching between them has a positive influence on competitive advantage.The matching between high capability flexibility and active knowledge management strategy can increase flexibility,improve customer advantages,enhance innovation superiority,and the matching between low capability flexibility and conservative knowledge management strategy can promote customer and innovation advantage.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 142-148 [Abstract]( 4HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1218 KB)  ( 5 )

In advanced knowledgebased society, traditional linear paradigm of Innovation has been evolving into open innovation ecosystem paradigm such as triple Helix, quadruple helix and quintuple helix. The evolution of innovation paradigm has provided adaptive situation for Knowledge Production Paradigm Transformation. Mode 1 knowledge production paradigm has been transforming into mode 2 and mode 3 knowledge production paradigms, which affects directly academic career in university, from core faculty and tenure track to crossemployment or multiemployment.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 149-153 [Abstract]( 4HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1093 KB)  ( 4 )

Team faultline, which is a further advance of diversity research, refers to a hypothetical line dividing a team into subgroups. It aims to solve the "double-edged sword" dilemma. In this article, we compare similarities and differences of diversity and faultline, and then introduce three kinds of measurement, as well as the causes, activation, effect and governance of team faultline. At last, put forward the direction of future research.

2018 Vol. 35 (1): 154-160 [Abstract]( 18HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1511 KB)  ( 10 )