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Entrepreneurship, as the process of forming innovation, plays an important role in improving innovation performance. And the culture value, as the important indicator of social soft power, can influence the process of innovation. This paper proposes moderating effect model of culture value on the relationship between governmental support to entrepreneurship and national innovation performance through empirical analysis of 54-sample countries data. The results shows policy support and availability of financing to Entrepreneurship have significant effects on national innovation performance, power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance moderate the relationship between policy support and national innovation performance negatively and individualism moderates the relationship between availability of financing and national innovation performance positively, while masculinity has no effect. Finally, the results can provide some suggestions for policy.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 1-7 [Abstract]( 51HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1097 KB)  ( 8 )

Innovative entrepreneurial activity originates from the entrepreneur's recognition of innovative opportunities.This paper analyzes the logical connection between the social network ties of entrepreneurs and the innovation of entrepreneurial opportunity, and explores the influence of entrepreneur' s innovative cognitive style on the process through an empirical method.The empirical results show that the weak ties have a greater positive impact on the innovation of the entrepreneurial opportunities identified by the entrepreneurs than strong ties, and the use of both strong and weak ties have a greater positive impact on the innovation of the entrepreneurial opportunities identified by the entrepreneurs than the single use of strong ties/weak ties; innovative cognitive style has a significant positive impact on the innovation of entrepreneurial opportunities; innovative cognitive style positively moderates the relationship between the use of strong and weak ties and the innovation of entrepreneurial opportunities.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 8-14 [Abstract]( 46HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1077 KB)  ( 15 )

Previous literatures have focused on inbound open innovation, and paid less attention to outbound open innovation.In order to reproduce the overall behavior mechanism of knowledge innovation and innovation export more realistically, this paper adopts the method of simulation modeling based on the small word network, from the perspective of innovative exporting enterprises, explore the intrinsic relationship between outbound open innovation, innovation network and innovation performance.The result show that: network tie strength and the degree of innovation openness are positively related to the overall knowledge level of the network, while the individual network scale is nonlinear related to the overall knowledge level of the network;network tie strength are positively related to the uniformity of network knowledge level distribution,the relationship between innovation openness、individual network scale and the uniformity of network knowledge level distribution are nonlinear correlation; when the enterprise's innovation ability is strong, and the desorption ability is weak, the coefficient of the whole network knowledge level and the uniformity of network knowledge level distribution is larger.The innovative exporting enterprises can optimize the innovation network through the combination of the network structure and the network relation, and formulate the open strategy through the combination of the subject capacity and the innovation openness, to achieve the double balance of gaining innovation income and maintaining their own competitive advantage.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 15-22 [Abstract]( 20HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1937 KB)  ( 4 )

Aiming at the twosided matching problem between suppliers and demanders in data trading under the perspective of platform is described.To solve the problem, a hybrid multiple attribute decision making method considering the fuzzy linguistic assessment information, interval number assessment information and 0-1assessment information based on twosided matching theory is proposed and the attribute matching satisfaction function is defined.On this basis, to maximize the matching degree of satisfaction of suppliers and demanders, a multiobjective optimization model for the supply and demand matching in data trading is constructed and the model is designed by converting the multiobjective optimization model into a singleobjective linear programming model with the use of algorithm.The results show that by analyzing the demand information given form suppliers and demanders in detail, twoside demand can be met in the maximum extent by the result of twoside matching , and the optimization model is feasible and available.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 23-30 [Abstract]( 13HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1325 KB)  ( 5 )

First, the paper uses the entropy method to measure the inclusive innovation environment of the 31 provinces (cities) from the aspects of infrastructure environment, innovative education, subject, investment, system, financial environment and the degree of marketization. The paper uses the data from 2011 to 2013 to test the relationship between inclusive innovation environment and regional innovation performance. The empirical results show that the inclusive innovation environment on regional innovation performance has significant influence. Finally, in order to create a good inclusive innovation environment, this paper puts forward some targeted suggestions such as the eastern region should avoid the polarization effect in the process of urbanization, not only play their own "combined effect", but also to play the "trickledown effect" to the Midwest and northeast regions, the central region how to construct "depression effect", and how to form the "local market effect" in the western region.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 31-37 [Abstract]( 20HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1089 KB)  ( 7 )

The article constructs the analytical framework of empirically testing " Matthew effect" of regional resource allocation from the perspective of "hierarchy" and "level" based on the Markov chain model and the Gini coefficient between two camps method respectively, and explain it from the perspective of space, and take R&D resources in China as an example to study. The result shows:(1)The regional R&D resource allocation present an obvious "grade Matthew effect" phenomenon, and there is also "level Matthew effect" in the allocation of R&D personnel; (2)the characteristics of spatial agglomeration of high and low level camps is more and more obvious ,and the members in the high level camp are mainly located in coastal areas while the members in the low level camp are mainly in the western region. This spatial pattern is not conducive to the exploitation of adjacent spillover effects between high and low level camps, on the contrary, the agglomeration effect in the high level camps will exacerbate the gap between the two camps, which explains the "Matthew effect" of the current R&D resource allocation to a certain extent.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 38-45 [Abstract]( 13HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1235 KB)  ( 4 )

The urban agglomeration has become an important space carrier for the expansion and development of the national economic space, as well as the main form in the process of new urbanization. The spatial structure of urban agglomerations has a dynamic evolution based on the spatial heterogeneity of urban growth. The polycentric development trend of urban agglomeration directly promotes the evolution of the spatial structure of the system, and affects the economic performance. As the typical region with the highest degree of urbanization in China, the Yangtze River Delta megacity region has shown the characteristics of polycentric development, and has a significant impact on the hierarchy evolution of the urban agglomeration system. The centrality index is constructed to measure the centrality of the city in the urban agglomeration system. On the basis of this, the interaction of spatial effects is considered, and the effect of polycentric development on urban economic growth is discussed. The empirical results show that polycentric development significantly promote economic performance of city in Yangtze River Delta megacity region, but also the primacy city and the regional central cities play the heterogeneity and nonlinearity effect because of respective stages of economic development, which lead to the difference of the policy implications.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 46-52 [Abstract]( 13HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1146 KB)  ( 4 )

Innovation ecosystem of cloud manufacturing alliance emphasizes the dynamic openness and reflects the thought of "manufacturing as a service" which is different from the traditional innovation system and innovation behavior of the members is different from general enterprise's innovation activities.Based on the interpretation of cloud manufacturing alliance connotation,innovation ecosystem theory for reference,the definition of cloud manufacturing alliance innovation ecosystem is put forward,the forming process and characteristics is described detailed.The innovation ecosystem model of cloud manufacturing alliance is built,the system composition and collaborative interaction is analyzed,and evolution mechanism is discussed.A new research angle of view for the development of cloud manufacturing industry is provided and it has important theoretical and practical significance.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 53-58 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1472 KB)  ( 3 )

Based on the panel data of eleven provincial regions in the Yangtze River economic belt from 1997 to 2015, this paper empirically examines the impact of energy endowments, industrialtechnological advances and their interactions on carbon emission intensity.The results show that:①Industrialtechnological advances will reduce carbon intensity, energy Endowment will increase the intensity of carbon emissions, and the inhibitory effect of industrialtechnological advances is stronger than the role of energy endowments; ②There is a strong interaction between energy endowments and industrialtechnological advances, technological progressmay lead to the loss of the relative advantages of regional energy endowments, the advantages of energy endowments Loss and then will react to the motivation and demand for technological advances.This interaction of virtuous cycle is conducive to the reduction of carbon emissions.③There are regional differences in the impact of energy endowments and technological advances on carbon intensity.However, the interaction between the two Different regions showed significant inhibitory effect.Based on the above conclusions, the following policy suggestions are put forward to promote the sustainable development of the Yangtze River economic belt.Firstly, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption per unit of output.Secondly, promote technological innovation and technological upgrading and actively develop and utilize clean energy.Thirdly, due to local policy, make full useof the technological progress through the end of carbon emissions energy endowment interaction.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 59-64 [Abstract]( 10HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1054 KB)  ( 10 )

Service integration and innovation are the key factors that affect the service transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises into serviceoriented manufacturing and the upgrade of the enterprise value chain. In this paper,the Salop differentiation model is used to analyze the valueadded effect of the valueadded service in the process of serviceoriented manufacturing enterprises and the reasons for the serviceoriented manufacturing industry to promote the reconstruction of the enterprise value chain. On the basis of dividing the process of serviceoriented manufacturing enterprises and analyzing the change of the value in each stage,a dynamic relation model between the enterprise value change and the enterprise boundary damage in the course of serviceoriented manufacturing industry is constructed from the perspective of elastoplastic mechanics. And then,it can be concluded that the change of enterprise value leads to the break of the enterprise boundary. The damage of the enterprise boundary affects the direction and continuity of the value change of the manufacturing enterprise,which is beneficial to identify the focus in the process of serviceoriented manufacturing enterprises and speed up the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing enterprise.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 65-72 [Abstract]( 9HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1499 KB)  ( 4 )

Innovation has great significance to the family firms with the goal of "evergreen". Using the data from 2011 to 2015 of family firms in China, this paper focuses the relationship between team stability and corporate innovation, and the moderating effects of expectation gap and institutional efficiency based on social emotional wealth theory and corporate behavior theory. These results show that the correlation between team stability and corporate innovation is positive; the expected deficit has no significant influence on the relationship between team stability and corporate innovation and the expected surplus weakens the positive relationship between team stability and corporate innovation; institutional efficiency will weaken the positive relationship between team stability and corporate innovation. Furthermore, the level of family involvement does not have a significant impact on the relationship between team stability and corporate innovation. From the perspective of team, the paper studies the innovation problem of family firms, enriches the existing research perspective and has theoretical significance for family firms' innovation activities.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 73-81 [Abstract]( 29HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1087 KB)  ( 18 )

New technology growth has become the core of the technologybased small micro enterprises,but the development has been limited by the internal resources.They generally use the cooperative R&D model in technological innovation.Through the 351 valid samples of questionnaire survey on the nationwide and combined with depth interviews,the paper analyzed the current status of cooperative R&D.It explored the obstacles and causes which are faced with.Then the countermeasures and proposals are put forward,including the development of diversified sources of funding channels,enhancing endogenous ability of cooperation,building an open platform for scientific & technical intermediary services,improving the longterm protection of intellectual property rights and opening effective channels of communication and coordination and so on.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 82-87 [Abstract]( 33HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1241 KB)  ( 7 )

In the science and technology information and economic globalization today,collaborative innovation has become an inevitable choice for enterprise survival and development.Based on the existing research,the paper summarizes the five types of risk of enterprise collaborative innovation,namely,the relationship between the main body risk,information risk,profit risk,structural risk and environmental risk,and explore the relationship between enterprise collaborative innovation risk and innovation performance.Based on the questionnaire survey data of 206 hightech enterprises in BeijingTianjinHebei region,the paper analyzes the the impact mechanism of cooperative innovation risk of firms on innovation performance using the method of structural equation modeling.Some noteworthy findings are observed:first,there are negative relationships between collaborative innovation risk(the relationship between the main body risk,information risk,profit risk,structural risk ,and environmental risk) and innovation performance of firms;second,the impact of different risks on innovation performance is different,and the impact of information risk and profit risk on corporate collaborative innovation performance is more significant.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 88-95 [Abstract]( 8HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1359 KB)  ( 8 )

This research reviews the recent studies on the estimation and evaluation of the degree of civilmilitary integration (DCMI).It proposes an estimation method for measuring the input and output of DCMI.Based on the analysis of the influencing factors and mechanisms of DCMI, this study establishes econometric models to examine the rationality and validity of the estimation method and results on DCMI.Moreover, relying on the output DCMI estimator and the findings of GMM dynamic model fitting, this paper categorizes and evaluates the rankings, dynamic changes, and integration efficiencies of DCMI from 2010 to 2016 in 28 provinces in China.Finally, this study puts forwards suggestions on enhancingthe DCMI that are appropriate to the varying types of DCMI in each province.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 96-102 [Abstract]( 6HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1316 KB)  ( 2 )

With the constant development of the CivilMilitary depth integration, the coinnovation of the national defense science and technology industry has become an inevitable trend in the CivilMilitary integration development of science and technology.Establishing a personnel training model which is suitable for the coordinated innovation of national defense science and technology industries is not only a key task in building an advanced national defense science and technology industry, but also an important guarantee for promoting the coordinated innovation of national defense science and technology industries.At present, there are still many problems in China's national defense science and technology industry personnel training in education and teaching system, disciplinary system, docking system for industry, university research and resource sharing.We must put cultivating a large number of national defense scientists and technologists in strategic positions of the development of national defense science and technology industry,then build an innovative personnel training system based on the national defense science and technology education and teaching system, national defense special subject system and collaborative innovation scientific research support system.And we must improve toplevel design, incentive mechanism, evaluation system and supporting measures to comprehensively enhance the quality and efficiency of personnel training and provide continuous personnel support for the innovation and development of the national defense science and technology industry.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 103-108 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1181 KB)  ( 2 )

This paper analyzes the new requirements of military science and technology innovation for military personnel training under the background of the new era, and discusses the urgency and necessity of strengthening the training of new military science and technology talents and accelerating the implementation of the militarycivilian integration strategy. This paper analyzes the status quo and challenges of military science and technology talents training in China's colleges and universities, discusses the training mechanism of new military science and technology talents, builds a new military science and technology talent training system in colleges and universities, analyzes the three dimensions from external mechanism, internal mechanism and dynamic mechanism, and finally proposes a new type of military in colleges and universities. Countermeasures and suggestions for the training of scientific and technological personnel.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 109-115 [Abstract]( 11HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1319 KB)  ( 3 )

Through the analysis of decision elements of enterprise talent competition strategy,four key decision variables for the feasible decision domain based on the contribution rate of talents promotion are summarized, which are the selection intensity of the benchmark, the degree of organizational change, the joint effect and the overall pressure perception of enterprise talents, put forward the hypothesis of interaction between four variables. Through the statistical analysis of the questionnaire data, using the method of structural equation modeling and the hierarchical regression, the hypothesis is validated. On this basis, the feasible decision domain is delineated by theoretical analysis,that is only when within the medium range of the overall pressure perception of talents, the reasonable contribution rate of talents to maximize can be achieved when selecting mediumlow, mediumhigh or moderatehigh intensity benchmark and its corresponding the degree of organizational change and joint effect as combination countermeasures. This conclusion not only expands the theory of talent competition strategy decisionmaking, but also provides a reliable matching mode for enterprises to make talent competition strategy.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 116-122 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1138 KB)  ( 2 )

The existing literature has explored the effect of inclusive leadership on individual creativity. However, the influence mechanism of inclusive leadership on team creativity has not yet been clarified. This paper integrates the theory of social networks and transactive memory systems, and explores the mechanism of inclusive leadership on team creativity by using the intra-team network strength and interactive memory systems as continuous mediators. An empirical analysis based on 78 team samples found that: inclusive leadership has a significantly positive impact on team creativity;the intra-team network strengthand transactive memory system mediate the relationship between inclusive leadership and team creativity; the intra-team network strength and transactive memory system play a chain mediating effect on the relationship between inclusive leadership and team creativity.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 123-130 [Abstract]( 8HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1094 KB)  ( 5 )

The study takes 'duality & paradoxical view' as theoretical foundation, draws reference from the typical paradigm of 'StructureConductPerformance(SCP)', and builds the theoretical model of 'Platform HRMHuman resource dual flexibilityOrganizational innovative performance'. Moreover, through data analysis based on 398 middle & top managers' questionnaires, it gets research results as follows: platform HRM has inverted U shape influence on organizational innovative performance; human resource dual flexibilities have different influences on innovative performance, numerical flexibility has negative influence on innovative performance, while functional flexibility has inverted U shape influence on innovative performance. Functional flexibility plays the independent mediating effect between platform HRM and innovative performance, meanwhile the balance effect between numerical flexibility and functional flexibility (|numerical flexibilityfunctional flexibility|) plays the interactive mediating effect between platform HRM and innovative performance.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 131-139 [Abstract]( 6HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1186 KB)  ( 4 )

There is consensus among scholars and policy makers that knowledge is one of the key drivers of longrun economic growth.It is also clear from the literature that not all knowledge has the same value.However, too often in economic geography we have been obsessed with counting knowledge inputs and outputs rather than assessing the quality of knowledge produced.In this article we measure the complexity of knowledge, we map the distribution and the evolution of knowledge complexity in the Yangtze River economic belt, and based on patent records from the State Intellectual Property Office to explore how the spatial diffusion of knowledge is linked to complexity. It finds out that knowledge complexity is unevenly distributed and that cities with the most complex technological structures are not necessarily those with the highest rates of patenting.The joint invention patents indicate that more complex patents are less mobility than less complex patents when joint inventors are located in different cities.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 140-146 [Abstract]( 11HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1879 KB)  ( 5 )

Being a new innovative model, open innovation provides a "channel" for tacit knowledge acquisition and has a significance for enhancing radical innovation capability. Through the theoretical analysis and the empirical research on the high-tech enterprises in the Central Plains Economic Region, the result shows that inbound open innovation has a positive impact on technical tacit knowledge acquisition, and outbound open innovation has a significant influence on cognitive tacit knowledge acquisition; the effects of both technical and cognitive tacit knowledge acquisition on radical innovation capability are affirmative; technical tacit knowledge acquisition plays an complete intermediate role between inbound open innovation and radical innovation capability, and cognitive tacit knowledge acquisition plays an incomplete intermediate role between outbound open innovation and radical innovation capability.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 147-154 [Abstract]( 20HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1091 KB)  ( 6 )

This paper measures the industrial environment efficiency of 17 provinces, cities and districts along the One Belt And One Road from 2006 to 2015 bythe SBM model containing the unexpected output, and analyzes the influence factors of industrial environmental efficiency through the Tobit model. The results of the study indicate that:a. the implementation of the One Belt And One Road initiative has improved the economic development of the provinces, cities and distracts along the routes, and the regional average industrial environmental efficiency has been improved slightly; b. the industrial environment efficiency of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road is comparatively high, but the industrial environment efficiency of the Silk Road Economic Belt is generally low; c. the per capita GDP, industrial structure, population density are of great importance in promoting efficiency of industrial environment, and the poor condition of the foreign trade and environmental regulation efficiency has a clear negative impact on the industrial environment, but not so clear to the GDP proportion and the trade dependency. Therefore,it is important to realize the coordinated development of economy and environment in the One Belt and Road region through optimizing the industrial structure,improvingenergy utilization efficiency, developing regional science and technology of the Maritime Silk Road, and transforming the economic growth mode transformation of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

2018 Vol. 35 (19): 155-160 [Abstract]( 20HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1129 KB)  ( 4 )