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By introducing frequency and amplitude of environmental dynamism, as well as three types of entrepreneurial cognitive learning: pragmatism, coherentism, and conformism, he earlier agentbased simulation model of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition was extended for studying the impact of environmental dynamics and entrepreneurial learning on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. Results of simulation experiments suggest that pragmatism is a kind of efficient but unstable learning mode; conformism is a kind of low efficient but stable learning mode; coherentism is a kind of inefficient mode. When the frequency of environmental dynamism is low and the amplitude of environmental dynamism is small, the optimal learning strategy is adapting pragmatism mode and maintaining high interpersonal learning rate; when the frequency of environmental dynamism is low and the amplitude of environmental dynamism is large, and the frequency of environmental dynamism is high and the amplitude of environmental dynamism is small, the optimal learning strategy is adapting pragmatism mode and maintaining low interpersonal learning rate; when the frequency of environmental dynamism is high and the amplitude of environmental dynamism is large, the optimal learning strategy is adapting conformism mode and maintaining high interpersonal learning rate.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 1-7 [Abstract]( 262HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1597 KB)  ( 100 )

It is inappropriate to evaluate the project communication network and put forward network adjustment strategy statically as the network changes in the collaborative innovation projects.Cognitive capital of stakeholders is the basis of communication and changes with the development of the project,which is consistent with the dynamic nature of the communication network.So it is feasible to analyze the communication network dynamically on the perspective of cognitive capital.A communication network evolution model was designed from four aspects:initial network formation,network evolution process,evolution result evaluation and network evolution algorithm.And then took the case of a collaborative innovation project in industrial technology research institute,compared the different adjustment strategies and their dynamic network evaluation results.It turned out that the adjustment strategy for disadvantage nodes makes network evolution results worse instead of improving the results,which shows that the local optimum in network does not represent the overall optimum.While the adjustment strategies for advantage node generated good effect.Adjusting node′s network structure is better than improving node′s ability,which indicates that systematic influence of network structure is stronger than individual influence of nodes in communication network evolution.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 8-17 [Abstract]( 73HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2848 KB)  ( 37 )

Combined with the dynamic cycle process of technology standardization,using the collaborative interaction between technology standardization and knowledge management,which is of great significance for enhancing the technology standardization ability and increasing the core competitiveness of enterprises.The paper puts forward the golden triangle model of knowledge management,and from the three levels of knowledge innovation,knowledge competition and knowledge diffusion to reveal the synergistic relationship between technology standardization and knowledge management.Besides,we construct the relationship model between technology standardization and knowledge management,then tests the theory analysis based on the sample case of evolution of the life cycle in Huawei.The results show that technology standardization and knowledge management are mutually interdependent and promoting.At last,the relationship model of technology standardization and knowledge management is set up,and we propose the strategic suggestion for the enterprises to participate in market competition.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 18-27 [Abstract]( 92HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1408 KB)  ( 46 )

Along with delay phenomenon of economic development as well as the adjustment of industrial structure, the new normal of economic appeared in our country, enterprise competition is increasingly fierce under such an environment. Innovation is the basis of enterprise's survival and development, all the enterprises want to improve their competitiveness through innovation, however, the effect of innovation diffusion will restrict enterprises' development eventually. This article uses the method of complex network, establishes technology innovation diffusion cascade nonlinear model aim at seed user selection in technological innovation diffusion process, looks for some important nodes that scatter in different community to spread technology innovation diffusion for achieving maximum diffusion effect. Through the simulation analysis to simulative network and real network respectively, it finds that our method can speed up the technology innovation diffusion and promote diffusion effect, which can help enterprises get some advantages and promote the development of enterprise innovation.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 28-33 [Abstract]( 84HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1252 KB)  ( 50 )

This paper selects Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hubei carbon market close price from the market set up to March 31, 2017, examines the weakform carbon trading market efficiency, analyzes the daily returns data which uses an autoregressive process to eliminate the thin trading effect, based on the four tests which the credibility gradually increased. The results show that the carbon markets in china are thin markets; the information of carbon price is pile and the information transparency is poor; with high investment risk in the carbon trading; the different holding periods of carbon quotas have different effective level, the carbon market efficiency has a stage characteristic; Beijing carbon trading market is weakform efficient; Shanghai and Guangdong carbon trading market belongs to weakform ineffective, but the effective of market is strengthening; Hubei carbon trading market has reached the level of weakform efficiency. Finally,it puts forward four suggestions on how to strengthen the effectiveness of China carbon trading markets based on the empirical results.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 34-40 [Abstract]( 67HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1041 KB)  ( 19 )

By constructing a twotier heterogeneity stochastic frontier model and taking listed companies in Hubei province as samples, this paper quantitatively investigates the direction and extent of financing constraints and agency costs on the inefficient R&D investment of enterprises. The results show that: first, financing constraints and agency costs have an important impact on R&D investment of enterprises, among which, financing constraints have more influence on R&D investment of enterprises than agency costs. Second, on the whole, investment in R&D of Hubei enterprises is 18.05% lower than the optimal level, but about 32.84% of companies invest more than the optimal R&D investment, and about 59% of companies invest less than 10% in R&D investment. Third, the heterogeneity of inefficient R&D investment is strong, and the local stateowned enterprises and nonpublic enterprises is generally underR&D Investment, however, the R&D investment of central stateowned enterprises is more efficient. The effective play of the role of "hand of government" in innovation leading should consider the categorization and decisionmaking to different enterprises and precise guidance.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 41-48 [Abstract]( 60HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1109 KB)  ( 31 )

The S&T innovation service platform is the key component of China’s implementation innovation driven development, and it has an important strategic position.According to the classification of Zhejiang province S&T innovation service platform, paper develops three sets of performance evaluation index system, and uses the DEAMalmqusit index analysis method calculate the inputoutput performance of the platform in 2014-2016.The study found that, the overall efficiency of three kinds of platform in Zhejiang province are in the middle level, there is more room for improvement; the factors causing the efficiency differences between the three platforms are different, basic and regional platforms are redundant inputs; industry platform is divided into traditional platforms and emerging platforms, and the efficiency of these platforms varies greatly; platform’s total factor productivity has continued to rise in recent years.Finally, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions, including implementing innovation driven development strategy, establishing classified management mechanism, upgrading platform innovation and service capability.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 49-56 [Abstract]( 70HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1044 KB)  ( 26 )

Puts forward the concept of competitive advantage of industrial technology, and discusses its "scale, quality and value" threedimensional model and measurement index system. Construction of industrial technology competitive advantage index, using entropy method to set weights; the index of competitive advantage of industrial technology was calculated by synthetic index method. The sample data of major countries in the world biomedical industry(China, the United States, Germany, and Japan) from 1996 to 2016 were used for empirical research. The results showed that the technical competitive advantage index and subindex of the Chinese biomedical industry were on the rise, with the scale index growing fast, the value index second, and the quality index ranking at the bottom. The United States, Japan and Germany have similar competitive advantage index and have strong competitive advantage. In terms of scale, the gap between China and other three countries is smaller, the value dimension is less, and the quality dimension is larger.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 57-63 [Abstract]( 80HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1639 KB)  ( 37 )

China's equipment manufacturing and production services industry integration trend is increasingly obvious, and gradually showing the complex integration, so the study of two industries complex integration's influencing factors for China's equipment manufacturing industry is important to promote the complex integration of the two industries. This paper analyzes convergence process of China's equipment manufacturing industry and producer services from the value chain decomposition and integration point of view, sums up the basic forms of two industries convergence, based on which analyzes the connotation of network convergence and its existence, and extracts the influencing factors of it. This paper extracts measurement index of network integration influencing factors, and puts forward the theoretical research hypothesis, collects the data by using the questionnaire method, and uses the structural equation model to test the influencing factors. The results show that the influencing factors of the two industry network fusion are the level of competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry, the dynamic matching of the productive service industry, the innovation drive and the network capability, and its impact strength and direction are different, and finally putting forward the two industry network convergence proposal.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 64-71 [Abstract]( 55HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1500 KB)  ( 16 )

Renewable resources industry has the characteristics of dual environmental externality, and has been formed agglomeration development in our country. The relationship between the cluster of the renewable resources industry and regional environmental pollution has attracted more and more attention.Taking environmental externality of the industry agglomeration as the breakthrough point,based on the panel date of renewable resources industry of 25 provinces in our country,using generalized least squares(GLS) empirically analyzes the relationship between the cluster of the renewable resources industry and regional environmental pollution in our country and eastern,central,western regions of our country.Results show that:the relationship between the cluster of the renewable resources industry and regional environmental pollution presents the "nonstandard inverted Ushape" in our country,and agglomeration development of the renewable resources industry overall aggravates environmental pollution; renewable resources industry in eastern,central and western regions of our country are in different stages of agglomeration development,and produce different environmental pollution effect.On this basis,some suggestions which are about the differentiation supporting policies,environmental regulation,market environment and recycling system have been proposed,in order to provide useful references for the development of the ecological agglomeration of renewable resources industry.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 72-77 [Abstract]( 49HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1119 KB)  ( 15 )

Based on social cognitive theory,this study researches the relationship between creative reward and creative role identity,verifying the mediation effect of creative selfefficacy. Meanwhile,the moderation effect of perceived outcome justice on the relationship between creative reward and creative selfefficacy is also analyzed. This research adopts the way of questionnaire and hierarchical regression analysis method. Using a sample of 398 indicates that creative selfefficacy partly mediates creative reward and creative role identity. The moderation effect of perceived outcome justice between creative reward and creative selfefficacy is verified. Implications for managers and future research are discussed.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 78-85 [Abstract]( 54HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1023 KB)  ( 20 )

Being a new innovation mode, open innovation is one of the current hotspots and focuses in international innovation management. Through the theoretical analysis and empirical test, the paper reveals the effects of open innovation on enterprise dual innovation capabilities, and the moderating role of external social capital. The empirical findings indicate that:①both inbound and outbound open innovation have a significant positive impact on incremental innovation capability and radical innovation capability;②external relational capital has a positive moderating influence between open innovation and incremental innovation capability and radical innovation capability;③external structural capital has a positive moderating role between open innovation and radical innovation capability, and no significant moderating effect between open innovation and incremental innovation capability; ④external cognitive capital has no significant influence between open innovation and incremental innovation capability and radical innovation capability.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 86-92 [Abstract]( 71HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1054 KB)  ( 32 )

Business model innovation has gradually become the focus management research,but the different literatures about the relationship between business model innovation and influencing factors exist heterogeneity.From multilevel perspective,this study uses Metaanalysis to integrate results of 43 samples about the business model innovation (BMI).The results have shown as followed.First,at the individual level,entrepreneurships contribute to BMI.Second,at the organization level,organization learning,dynamic capabilities and top management team tenure heterogneity are positively related to BMI.But age heterogneity negatively influences BMI.Meanwhile,education heterogeneity has no significant relationship with BMI.Third,at the external environment level,relational embeddedness,structural embeddedness and competitive intensity greatly influenced BMI.Fourth,measures,industrial and regional factors imply the relationship between BMI and factors.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 93-101 [Abstract]( 51HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1093 KB)  ( 16 )

In order to explore how local enterprises to achieve modular product innovation and to break through the "lowend locking", this study applies the multiple regression method to analysis the impact of technology integration capabilities on modular product innovation and the moderating effect of exploitative learning, exploratory learningand module degradation,using the data of 190 local enterprises. The empirical results show that the technology integration capability has a significant direct impact on module innovation and architectural innovation. Exploratory learning has significant positive moderating effect in the linkages between technology integration capability and itsrelated two types of modular productsinnovation. There is a significant positive moderating effect of the exploitative learning in the linkages between technology integration capability and module innovation, but limited effect on architectural innovation. The degradability of modules has significant positive moderating effects in the relationship between technology integration capability and two types of modular products innovation.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 102-109 [Abstract]( 46HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1034 KB)  ( 14 )

The key to solve the loose coupling between technology and economic is to enhance the joint force of collaborative innovation.The 'publicprivate' dual attribute of collaborative innovation outputs determines the role of government which should solve the phenomenon of market failure.Therefore, this article defines the appropriate boundary of collaborative innovation policy intervention from three levels of macro, meso and micro, and proposes the threedimensional analysis framework of levelgoaltool.The results indicate that the existing collaborative innovation policies are embedded in the development of science and technology system reform.The policies present the following characteristics, such as oliveshaped distribution in three levels, diversified goals, and the priority of environment policy tool while the ancillary of supply side policy tool.The paper further puts forward the five problems which need overcome and suggestions about the future design of collaborative innovation policy system.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 110-117 [Abstract]( 59HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2520 KB)  ( 29 )

Nowadays, the internationalization of R&D is a key point for multinational corporations implementing the "go globally" strategy, and is urgently calling for the support from their home countries.This paper, firstly, constructed a PSOI framework model from four dimensions as policy objective (P), the policy subject (S), the policy object (O) and the policy tool (I), and then, made a comparative analysis for the present R&D internationalization policies in China.Further, this paper proposed several suggestions from the perspectives of reforming management system, adopting more policy instruments from the demand side, strengthening public information platform and improving the operation and service.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 118-122 [Abstract]( 47HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1007 KB)  ( 16 )

Baumol believes that the behavior of entrepreneurs is affected by the institutional environment,a good institutional environment will encourage entrepreneurs to engage in productive activities that increase social welfare,such as innovation; in a country or region with inadequate institutional environment,enterprises are engaged in nonproductive activities that seize social interests,such as rentseeking;does Baumol's theory have its applicability in specific situations in China?Based on provincial level panel data from 2009 to 2014 in China ,the use of per capita land transfer area in provinces as instrumental variable,after effective control of endogenous may result in model estimation errors,the effect of factor market distortion on the rentseeking activities of entrepreneurs is investigated;the study found that the more the market distortion in China's regional factor market during the transition period,the stronger the entrepreneur's rentseeking activities.In this paper,the application of coefficient method and the Bootstrap method are used to examine the mediation effect of entrepreneur rentseeking activities.The intermediation effect proves the existence of transmission mechanism of "factor market distortion→entrepreneurial rentseeking increase→entrepreneurial innovation activity decrease".It provides theoretical and empirical support for deepening the reform of China's factor market mechanism.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 123-130 [Abstract]( 50HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1090 KB)  ( 18 )

In order to explain the mechanism of top management team heterogeneity on the performance of technology startups,the conceptual model of the influence of top management team heterogeneity on the performance of technology startups is constructed based on the upper echelon theory by using the multiple cases analytic method of grounded theory. And the data of 183 listed companies on the GEM (growth enterprise market) is analyzed by using structural equation model.The results show that age and tenure heterogeneity among TMT(top management team) members significantly and positively affect the performance of technology startups.While functional experience and educational level heterogeneity significantly and negatively affect the performance of technology startups.Moreover,the value creation of business models play a partial mediation role in the influences of the age,tenure,functional experience and educational level heterogeneity of TMT members on the performance of technology startups.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 131-136 [Abstract]( 79HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1112 KB)  ( 25 )

The attention on the distributed software development team agility is shifting from the practice field to the theory, how to get GDISD team Agility is the inevitable question, but little literature dedicated to explore the access mechanism of agility and its' effect on performance. Taking the project team members who have the experience in geographically distributed information systems development projects as the object, explore the influence of communication effectiveness and conflict management on GDISD team agility and based on social exchange theory, study the intermediary role of trust in the relationship between the drivers and agility. The results show that: the effectiveness of communication and conflict management are the significant factors of GDISD team agility; Trust among team members will play a full mediation between communication effectiveness and team agility GDISD, and play a part mediation between conflict management and team agility GDISD; GDISD team agility has a significant positive impact on the development of performance.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 137-144 [Abstract]( 36HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1032 KB)  ( 11 )

The knowledge diversity and social relationship network of entrepreneurial team largely influence the technological innovation and innovation achievement transformation of technological startups, and then affect the growth of technological startups. Entrepreneurial performance depends on the heterogeneity of entrepreneurial team to a great extent. The current research based on linear correlation fails to reach consistent conclusions. This study explores how heterogeneity of entrepreneurial teams influences entrepreneurial performance. Based on 304 new venture in Henan province, the results show that entrepreneurial teams heterogeneity has an inverted Ushaped relationship with entrepreneurial performance, which is negatively moderated by innovative atmosphere, and positively moderated by social relations network quality. While, team members' social network heterogeneity has a positive impact on entrepreneurial performance, which is positively moderated by innovative atmosphere, and social relations network quality.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 145-152 [Abstract]( 73HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1063 KB)  ( 19 )

Ambidexterity is vital to the competitive advantage of enterprises, thus gotten extensive attention of scholars.Most current researches about ambidexterity focus on the macro level of analysis.Given that the achievement of organizational ambidexterity needs the support of actions at individual level, recently, scholars begin to pay attention to the micro implementation mechanisms of organizational ambidexterity.However, there is no clear research framework on this topic because of different research perspectives, resulting in a messy status quo.This paper discusses the relationship between individual ambidexterity and organizational ambidexterity, the connotation of individual ambidexterity and the factors that affect the realization of individual ambidexterity, and forms a framework for the study of ambidexterity from the individual level, so as to clarify the direction that future research needs to work on.

2018 Vol. 35 (13): 153-160 [Abstract]( 87HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1140 KB)  ( 23 )