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The public opinion and suggestions, feelings and emotions by more and more attention in governance of emerging technologies. Strong opposition and controversy from the public can affect the smooth implementation of policy decisions. However, the major roles and effect of the public in policy making are still not clearly explained. In order to enhance the governance performance of emerging technologies, the paper analyzes the three public actions of the governance network theory, using the transgenic technology as the research object of emerging technologies and analyzes the role of Chinese public in governance of emerging technologies. The study found that the role of China's social public is not perfect and only played the supervisor and facilitator. The research proposes the need to allocate the decision-making power governance of emerging technologies actors, establish public participatory procedures, and cultivate on public participation in the deliberation of the environment.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 1-7 [Abstract]( 48HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1392 KB)  ( 17 )

The Industryuniversityresearch collaborative innovation is an important path to promote technological innovation, but the sharing mechanism of innovation cost is an important problem that restricts and influences the cooperation. To build a multistage game model under the full competitive market, and to explore how to effectively promote the innovation from the perspective of cost sharing mechanism. Through the gradual expansion and solution of the model, we can get the Pareto improvement of the cost allocation, and then effectively promote the feasible path of the innovation. The results show that the Pareto optimality can not be achieved by the cost sharing negotiation between the parties based on the maximization of their own profit. The mechanism of costsharing under TurnBid Game Model is a realistic and feasible Pareto improvement path that can effectively improve the profit of all parties and make the whole income reach the Pareto optimal. The increase in profit for the parties is related to the degree of patience. The results can provide theoretical basis and guidance for the policy.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 8-13 [Abstract]( 16HTML (1 KB)  PDF (878 KB)  ( 12 )

Setting the listed Ashare companies during 2010 to 2015 as the research object, this paper probes into the influence of different types of institutional investor ownerships on innovation investments by adopting the method of Tobit Regression and elaborately analyses the moderating effect of ownership concentration and ownership property on the relation between institutional equity holding and innovation investments.Main findings in this paper are as followings: first, compared with transactional institutional investors, stable institutional investors could better promote the innovation investments of corporation; second, ownership concentration in transactional institutional investors weakens the acceleration of institutional investors holding to the innovation investments; third, institutional equity holding plays a better role in rising the innovation investments in the stateowned enterprises. Finally, the paper comes to the conclusion that companies must face up to the diversification of institutional investors and shareholder structure, while the government should devote greater effort to the supervision over securities market and reform of stateowned enterprises.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 14-20 [Abstract]( 19HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1138 KB)  ( 5 )

In the traditional supply chain information system, the information silos phenomenon is common and the authenticity of information is difficult to be guaranteed. The blockchain technology is decentralized, traceable and the information can hardly be tampered with which can effectively solve the above problems. This paper proposes an equal and trustworthy supply chain information platform based on the blockchain technology. The cooperation platform efficiently connects the supply chain alliance, financial institutions and government supervision departments that integrates goods flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow in the supply chain to build a mutual trust and win-win supply chain ecosystem. Furthermore, this paper discusses the application of the blockchain intelligent contract in the supply chain and designs a new consensus mechanism named Stochastic Delegate Proof of Stake (SDPoS) for the supply chain alliance. This paper analyzes the practicality and superiority of the information platform applied in the automobile supply chain which provides new ideas for the application of blockchain technology in supply chain management and other fields.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 21-31 [Abstract]( 23HTML (1 KB)  PDF (3474 KB)  ( 12 )

In order to figure out the network structure and spatial characteristics of technology transaction among Chinese core cities,urban agglomerations internal,and urban agglomerations,this article use the social network analysis method and spatial analysis method to analyze the date of joint application for patent of electronic information industry among Chinese 287 prefecture-level cities and above in 2011-2015.The study shows the development of technology exchange market of electronic information industry is unbalanced,technology transaction among core cities,urban agglomerations internal,and urban agglomerations present structural differences,and there are trade barriers among cross-district,cross-enterprise,cross-organization transaction.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 32-42 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (5911 KB)  ( 9 )

Take the 32 colleges and universities in Jiangsu province for example, the transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements is analyzed by using the DEA-Malmquist index evaluation model in this paper. It is found that the productivity and transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements have increased remarkably in 2009 to 2014. The productivity is necessary but not decisive to transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements. The colleges and universities in economically developed area that has intensive education and technology resources have a relatively high transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements. Compared to the "211" and "985" colleges and universities, local colleges and universities have advantages in scientific achievements transfer. The transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements has no significant difference in engineering, comprehensive and agriculture & forestry colleges and universities. However, medicine & drugs colleges and universities have remarkable disadvantages in transfer ratio of scientific and technological achievements. In order to improve the science nature of study, the methods used to conduct the study include efficiency evaluation and factor grounded theory. Finally, three core concepts of impact factor including national policy factor, regional environment factor and organizational behavior factor are extracted.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 43-51 [Abstract]( 15HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1963 KB)  ( 7 )

The environmental factors of collaborative innovation are the important factors influencing the efficiency of regional hightech industry's technological innovation.Based on the tracking data of the BeijingTianjinHebei hightech industry from 1995 to 2015,the efficiency of R&D activities in the BeijingTianjinHebei hightech industry is compared and analyzed with the threestage DEAWindows model.Highlight the environmental factors of collaborative innovation, which not only interfere with the external environment and random factors,but also consider the dynamic evolution of innovation efficiency.The results shows that external environmental factors and random noise have significant effects on the input and output efficiency of R&D activities in BeijingTianjinHebei hightech industry.It is reasonable to use SFA regression to analyze environmental factors and random noise.Among them,the technology acquisition structure,regional economic relevance,regional trade dependency,technological infrastructure investment intensity,regional comparative labor productivity have significant negative effects on R&D funding and new product development funding redundancy,while the influence on the R&D personnel of fulltime equivalent is diverse.Excluding the environment and random interference,Beijing and Tianjin R&D activities efficiency has been reduced,while the efficiency of Hebei has increased.On the basis of the above research,this paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.〖JP〗

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 52-59 [Abstract]( 13HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1501 KB)  ( 5 )

Strategic emerging industries is the leader of innovation-driven development strategy, its technical breakthroughs and industrial upgrading presents a significant modular feature. Based on the framework of module innovation and standard innovation, this paper builds three breakthrough innovation paths for strategic emerging industries: peripheral modules to core modules, core modules to architecture rules, and architecture rules to core modules. From the dimension of resource endowment, industrial base, technical innovation, market demand and government support, establishes an evaluation index system and selection method of radical innovation paths, then analyzes industrial data of 14 categories of Xi'an in 2014 utilizing that method, designs radical innovation path of strategic emerging industries of Xi'an.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 60-67 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1605 KB)  ( 7 )

The DEAMalmquist index method is used to estimate and decompose the total factor productivity of hightech industry in China from 1998 to 2015, and the innovation efficiency of patent innovation in Chinese hightech industry is studied empirically. The results show that: ①in general, the average factor productivity of hightech industry is increasing, and the change of total factor productivity is mainly the effect of comprehensive technical efficiency (TEC); ②from the situation of the province, Malmquist production index space has some differences, but the time is not changed; ③from the eastern, central and western regional perspective, the eastern and western Malmquist production index greater than 1, while the central region is less than1; ④based on patented hightech industry innovation efficiency values for different zoning showed that "highhigh", "highlow", "lowhigh" and "lowlow" four types of the geographical distribution of the provinces in the geographical space is not regular, but the TEC shows "west high east low" phenomenon.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 68-73 [Abstract]( 12HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1122 KB)  ( 6 )

With the panel data from hightech startup enterprises in Shanghai through the 5 consecutive years, we use the quantile regression model to study the impact of internal innovative behaviors, such as strategic orientation, longterm orientation, social resources and open innovation, on the growth of enterprises. We find the asymmetrical impact of such factors on enterprises at different quantile growth points. Strategic orientation and longterm orientation have positive effects on the growth, especially significant for startups at high quantile growth points. Social resources and open innovation have no significant effects on enterprises at low quantile growth points, while significant negative on those at high growth points.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 74-80 [Abstract]( 22HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1171 KB)  ( 8 )

This paper aims to explore the mechanism of impact on the innovation performance of crossborder M&A. Based on the data of crossborder M&A of companies listed in Zhejiang and Guangdong in 2001 and 2014, this paper uses the clarity sets qualitative comparative analysis method to analyze the mechanism of innovation performance of crossborder M&A of Chinese enterprises. Finally, we find that five main driving modes of innovative performance of M&A in enterprises, which shows that in the process of crossborder mergers and acquisitions enhancing innovative performance have the different path. In addition, it also reflects the enterprises need to focus on external factors to reduce the external obstacles in the process of mergers and acquisitions. It also provide reference for crossborder M&A of Chinese enterprises.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 81-87 [Abstract]( 24HTML (1 KB)  PDF (935 KB)  ( 9 )

Using the 101 R&D team samples in Yangtze River Delta region, we introduce past performance, and examine its influence on team innovation behavior as well as the underlying mechanisms based on the social information processing theory and the attribution theory. Results indicate that past performance has a positive effect on team innovation behavior. Relationship conflict plays a partly mediated role in the positive effect of past performance on team innovation behavior. The mediated mechanism of relationship conflict in China's "human relationship" cultural background can be better explained. Moreover, negative attribution significantly moderates this effect of past performance on team innovation behavior of technical teams through relationship conflict. The findings deepen our understanding of the induced mechanism of team innovative behavior, and provide implications for team innovation management.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 88-95 [Abstract]( 8HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1217 KB)  ( 4 )

With the growing complexity of technology composition and the increasingly fierce market competition, the patent pool has become more prominent in promoting patent resource integration, development of technology innovation and industry. Comprehensive understanding of the patent pool is helpful to the successful formation. From the new perspective of product architecture theory, the patent pool can be clearly divided into two kinds: modular patent pool and integral patent pool in this paper according to the nature and function structure of patent itself. Based on the GSM and American Manufacturers Aircraft Association case analysis which are two existing typical patent pools, this paper illustrates the whole process of the construction, operation and government of patent pools, and then puts forward the corresponding governance mechanism for different types of patent pools, which provides knowledge theory and policy suggestions for patent pool to flexibly construct and smoothly run.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 96-105 [Abstract]( 9HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1972 KB)  ( 4 )

Based on the international learning as the intermediary variable and hostcountry institutional context as the moderating variable, the research constructs the theoretical model of the relationship between overseas network embeddedness and internationalization performance. By conducting the questionnaire survey of 353 exportoriented manufacturing enterprises in China's Yangtze River Delta region, the research results reveal that overseas network embeddedness has a positive effect on internationalization performance,and international learning has the partial intermediator in the relationship between the overseas network embedness and internationalization performance. Further, the research results reveal that hostcountry institutional context positively moderates the relationship between overseas network embeddedness and international learning, and hostcountry institutional context positively moderates the relationship between overseas network embeddedness and internationalization performance. The research results provides some theoretical implications for enterprises to promote overseas network embeddedness and international learning to achieve internationalization performance.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 106-112 [Abstract]( 7HTML (1 KB)  PDF (911 KB)  ( 5 )

Crossborder M&A has become an important method of enterprises′ "going out strategy". With the rapid growth of crossborder M&A practice, researchers pay great attention on integrated effect and performance. However, the empirical researches show different or even opposite conclusions. The dependent variable in this research is the change of return on total assets (ROTA) two years ago and two years after the M&A. Based on 60 Chinese enterprises′ crossborder M&A events, this paper discusses institutional distance, international experience, knowledge absorptive capacity and ROTA, and then clarifies the mechanism that institutional distance affects crossborder M&A performance is clarified.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 113-119 [Abstract]( 14HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1149 KB)  ( 6 )

In order to solve the complicated problem of knowledge stock measure which caused by knowledge heterogeneity,the extraction rate of tacit knowledge is improved.This paper takes the automatic threshold adjustment as a means to measure the breadth and depth of knowledge and realize the dynamic quantization of knowledge based on the dynamic activation model of knowledge stock.The experimental results show that the knowledge quantization method based on dynamic quantization can improve the extraction rate of tacit knowledge and prove the effectiveness of the method to improve the level of knowledge in alliance.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 120-125 [Abstract]( 10HTML (1 KB)  PDF (2249 KB)  ( 4 )

On the basis of RBV, OLT, IRT and NCT, this study constructs theoretical framework and hypotheses of the impact of network capability within "resourcecapabilityrelationship" perspective, knowledge accumulation, knowledge base on service innovation performance of STBI, testing the hypotheses using large data sample from STBI operating in China, using SPSS and AMOS software to verify and demonstrate reliability and validity test and structural equation model analysis of conceptual framework. The results show that network capability (network resource patchwork, network organizational study and network relationship interaction) have significantly positive roles on service innovation performance of STBI through knowledge accumulation, knowledge base has significantly positive moderating function between knowledge accumulation and service innovation performance of STBI.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 126-133 [Abstract]( 11HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1667 KB)  ( 4 )

Through the systematic review, it is found that stakeholder coordination is the key factor of sustainable development. Based on the synergy theory, this paper constructs a coordination model of the complex system composed of three subsystems: the hackerspaces, makers and the government. And then, we conducted empirical research by taking 15 provinciallevel hackerspaces of Zhenjiang city as an example, find the level of collaboration varies greatly, and the space for promotion is larger through calculating the synergy degree of two subsystems and three subsystems of hackerspaces, markers and government. Lastly, we put forward some countermeasures to improve the synergy development level between hackerspaces, markers and government, which include developing markers' culture ,setting up the connotation of hackerspaces and structuring the synergy management mechanism of hackerspaces.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 134-139 [Abstract]( 16HTML (1 KB)  PDF (897 KB)  ( 9 )

Based on social exchange theory and generation theory, this paper deeply explores the effect of the different middle managers MBTI types on innovation behavior, and the effect mechanism and boundary. The paper takes 532 middle managers as the study object and builds a moderated mediating model. The results reveal that ISTJ,ESTJ and INTJ are the typical personality types of the middle managers, and the ISTJ type and the INTJ type respectively shows positive influence on innovation behavior; while the ESTJ type shows negative influence on innovation behavior; LMX plays a part mediating role in the relationship between the MBTI types and innovation behavior, which is moderated by generational difference. Moreover, compared with Cultural Revolution generation, the above mediating effect is more positive for the middle managers of new generation.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 140-146 [Abstract]( 11HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1156 KB)  ( 8 )

This study based on the positive emotion theory,exploring the influence of mentoring relationship on job vigor and also the moderate effect of emotional intelligence.The results show that:mentoring relationship has a significant positive effect on innovative job performance and job vigor; job vigor has a significant positive effect on innovative job performance; job vigor fully mediates the process of mentoring relationship affecting the innovative job performance of protégé;emotional intelligence doesn't play the moderating role between job vigor and innovative job performance.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 147-153 [Abstract]( 13HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1053 KB)  ( 11 )

Since Chinese wave of promoting innovation and carrying out the "Internet plus", more and more enterprises and organizations try to achieve the goal of winwin cooperation through a temporary team. However, the inherent vulnerability of the temporary team has a realistic contradiction with its shortterm task, which influences the trust among team members and leads to low team performance. Taking the temporary team as the research object, and collating and summarizing the research and practice of domestic and foreign scholars achievements, this paper put forward the research hypothesis and theoretical model, used SPSS software to analyze data obtained through a questionnaire survey and then verified the research hypothesis. The results show that, in the temporary team, both swift trust and team cohesion have a positive effect on team performance, and team cohesion plays an intermediary role between swift trust and team performance. Finally, from the three aspects of communication mechanism, team consciousness and team ability construction, measures were put forward to enhance the confidence of team members, improve cohesion and increase team performance.

2018 Vol. 35 (5): 154-160 [Abstract]( 9HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1086 KB)  ( 5 )